Make your best preparation for all the Examination. You should not on any account go to low of adopting unfair means. Absence during the examination will be viewed seriously and will affect the promotion of the child. Children should also remember:

  1. Students must be regular and punctual with the school Identity card. Late coming should be discouraged.
  2. Students should come to school in proper school uniform. Applications must be brought if not in proper uniform. They should have their nails trimmed properly for a checkup every Monday.
  3. The first page of the Diary should be filled up and submitted to the class teacher. Diary must be brought to school every day.
  4. Books and copies should be brought every day according to the time table.
  5. Parents should checkup the diary for assignments given by the teacher and sign every day.
  6. Parents should check regularity record, equipment record etc. (and sign if necessary) every day.
  7. Students should speak in English and in no other language inside the school premises.
  8. Parents should meet the class teacher and copy down the assignments given during their ward's absence.
  9. Medical Certificate should be produced if the ward remains absent for more than three days.
  10. Students should not bring any sticky tiffin and should bring only the kind of food they like. The quantity of the food should be only that much that can be consumed by them during the tiffin hours, the duration of which is only 20 minutes.
  11. Students should bring a small towel to use while having their tiffins every day.
  12. If the Students/Guardians face any problem they can meet the Principal/Manager/Teacher-in-charge.

Following these rules helps in maintaining discipline and decorum in school in the best way possible, and helps in a good development of students. This is what makes Mother International School, one of the best school in Konnagar.